Vector X Football Shoes: For Elusive Players

Football Shoes by Vector X – The Best Football Boots for Dribbling!

Vector X football shoes is designed for the quickest and most elusive players on the field see, this pair of football shoes from Vector X has studs on the sole that provides high degree of traction. Uniquely stylish and much more durable, as they are made up of synthetic leather. The studs are greatly configured for superior ball control on firm ground and artificial grass.

  • Studs on the sole
  • PVC sole
  • Made of synthetic leather
  • Lace fastening style

Synthetic Leather

From practising on the field to hitting the ground on game day, Vector X football shoes provide you with a variety of styles to fit your unique needs. Made of synthetic leather, this shoe is more durable and resistant to wear and tear.


PVC Sole

This shoe designed by Vector X comes with a PVC sole. PVC is used in the soles to make it more tough and strong. It is a synthetic alternative to leather shoes.



This pair of shoes designed by Vector X comes with lace up closure. It keeps your feet firm and secure. There are no issues of the shoe slipping off your feet with the lace fastening feature.


Studs on the Sole

The studs on the sole further boost straight-line speed. The studs enable you to get a better grip and balance while you play. This pair of football shoes is designed by Vector X to provide you with better grip and comfort.


Trendy Design

These synthetic leather shoes have a unique design. They come with a stitched border detailing the quarter part of each shoe. The entire design of the shoe is unique so that you feel comfortable and stylish at the same time.


Brand Logo on the Tongue

This pair of shoes comes with the brand logo on the tongue which lends an element of style to the shoes. These shoes have the finish of branded footwear and are the best football shoes that you can have.

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