7 Reasons Why Football Is the Best Followed Sport in the World

(1) Transfer Rumours

The madness and rumours sorounding the transfer window comes to the forefront of the footballing world. The transfer process in world football is completely a funny process most times as different kind of bids comes in for a particular player and the playerplayer and his/her agent is saddled between choices of choosing which the best offer is. Funny enough, most club tends to snatch players even when their agents had already agreed deals with other club just because the new club has tabled a late lucrative offer. This takes us back to the case of Willian transfer to Totenham where Chelsea went in with a late bid, and Willian had to make uturn to Chelsea to undergo a medical at Stamford bridge.

(2) Changes in Managerial Position
The Managerial position in world football is one of the hardest jobs to hold on to in all of sports because they managers tends to be under alot of pressure once his team is underperforming for consecutive games. Not many managers last over for more than 4 seasons with a particular club anymore because of the huge demand from club owners to deliver. The well known club to frequently sack their managers in the past decade has been Chelsea of the EPL, which has seen 10 different managers since the turn of the century. Real Madrid has been through 11 managers the past 9 years. Whike, Arsenal is known to rarely sack their managers. Man United’s coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is the lastest coach to be passing through huge pressure following a huge defeat and Old Trafford against Liverpool where they looked out of sort in their play.

(3) Derby Games
The most Intense/passionate of games in the world of football is the derby match. Across the world, derby matches are held between top clubs from the same city such as Manunited versus Mancity, Chelsea versus Arsenal, Barcelona versus Real Madrid. Derby matches are Intensely contested in every part of the world. Every fan of a football club takes note of the derby date and keeps taking about it weeks after the game must have ended.

(4) Passion for the Game
it is widely known that football brings people together, no matter where you are staying to football match. Passion circles around the game of football. Regardless of what part of the world you, the passion for the sport remains the same. The same passion that is seen in homes cuts across the stadium and onto the pitch during each matchday. When it comes to weekends in everywhere city in the world is sure to have something to talk about.

(5) Relegation Battle
One of the most followed position in the world of football is the relegation zone. The battle to escape the relegation zone gets hotter as the seasons tends towards a conclusion. The bottom clubs with fight their heart out to be sure the escape the relegation zone and stay in touch with the top flight league and still maintain relevance and hence, high revenue.

(6) Promotion into a New League
Promotion to the top flight means alot to a football club, but staying at the top flight and sustaining for several seasons is always a turf task give the fact that you will travel and also host a top flight league games with clubs who are better than you technically and otherwise. Financial gains and fan recognition will help the promoted club if they are able to stay in that league for some seasons. This means they will have to up their performance to ensure they stay relevant and contest for top honors.

(7) Criticism of Club Owners
Arsenal director Josh Kroenke has been passing through frequent criticism due to the club’s lackluster and below par performance. Hence, making the fans to demand new ownership so that they can contest for great honors as a top club that they are known to be. They owners of ManCity has been known to spend hugely on new players, most notably the signing of Freakish and the 100mill euros bid for harry Kane, this has promoted other coaches to blame them for inflating the transfer market.

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